» Bald woman pictures from ExtremeHaircut

Category: Fetish, Head Shaving

February 2th, 2011

Hi, fellas! Let me offer you some hot piece of your favorite fetish - ExtremeHaircut. I like this website much! Different girls from teen punk chick and beautiful model with long hair to milf bald woman. You can also see their haircutting action, the pics and vids "before" and "after" their headshave. These guys play haircut fetishist game with them: they cut models' hair to extreme (humble, muck up) style and finally totally shave their head to smooth bald. If you've never seen a skin headed girl or never touched a smooth shiny head, if you want to know why they do this, visit the site and check out yourself!

Bald woman pics

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» Skinhead girl fetish

Category: Erotic, Fetish

December 27th, 2010

Here is a new bald woman who feel sorry about her headshave. A shy, gentle tempered one with soft voice. And she wanted to be bald. I was sure since the beginning she won't like the baldness so I enjoyed her headshave much better. To saw how she became sad and unhappy was an exciting experience. And yes, finally she almost wept. But there wasn't way back. This is her new fashion now for a long time!

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» Skinhead girl poses for cam

Category: Erotic, Fetish

November 19th, 2010

Skinhead girl in big military boots gets nasty and strips down in a desert place. She shows off her tits with pierced nipples and puts down her jeans and spreads her pussy lips. Yeah, this naughty bald cutie doesn't wear panties!

Bald woman poses for cam

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» Haircut fetishist game

Category: Head Shaving

November 13th, 2010

Haircut fetishist game

First time I met this girl she had very beautiful long and soft hair. I loved to touch it. Some month later I was a bit shocked seeing her absolutely bald headed. She needed some money then she cut her fantastic hair for fetish site Baldgirlz.

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» Bald lesbian sex

Category: Hardcore, Fetish

November 7th, 2010

Bald woman in a dog collar and her girlfriend with very short hairstyle dressed in metal bikini play lesbian sex games. They look kinky and hot with their pierced nipples and clits and pussy lips! Two fetish lesbians kiss and play with dildo with each other's slits. Would you like to join these ladies and caress smooth skiny heads?

Bald lesbian sex

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» Clipped slave girl

Category: Fetish, Head Shaving

November 3th, 2010

We'd like present you hot photoset from BadAndBald as a clipped girl wearing a dog collar is humiliated by her mistress in a desert house. Horny dominating female takes off girl's clothing and suspends her nude. She teases big slave's tits and kisses her rubbing the clit. Do not miss the moment as lesbo domina shaves slavegirl's head and licks pussy and bald scalp!

Clipped slave girl

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» Kat Surth Pictures

Category: Erotic, Fetish

October 31th, 2010

Kat Surth Pictures

Check out Kat's fetish porn archive with tons of kinky pictures and videos with this horny bald woman at Baldgirlz. In the members area you'll find her details and her erotic stories. You'll see Kat's nude photos and images made in gothic styles. It must be said that this bald hottie even dressed in an ordinary bikini looks both charming and weird!

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» Bald head waxing

Category: Erotic, Fetish

October 28th, 2010

Bald head waxing Bald head waxing Bald head waxing

It's said that skinhead girls are more sensitive because their great sensual zone of the body is hairless and hairs can blunt feelings: Welcome to a dark basement where a big titted bald woman gets her punishment. Bound she can't resist but takes some painful humiliation even with pleasure. She loves red hot wax cascading down her tender scalp skin, this makes her nipples get harder. Hush! Do you hear, she purrs of excitement!

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» Bald dominating girl

Category: Erotic, Fetish

October 2th, 2010

Bald dominating girl

View super sexy dominated girl in this fetish photo gallery! She wears nothing but a coarse dog collar, massive military boots and a leather cap on her absolutely bald head. This hot piece of ass looks like a panther - wild and hot, aggressive and attractive at a time. The skinhead girl enjoys the smoothness of every inch of her hairless body. But no, she has a cute pussy haircut! Would you check it out?

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» Shaved head women

Category: Erotic, Fetish

September 13th, 2010

Shaved head women

Kat Surth is a fetish model that loves taking risks, trying new things, and having fun. She shaved her head for the first time in 2001 when she took part in one project. Kat was 21 y.o. at that time. She thinks only bald women can challenge society's strict gender roles and break away from oppression and repression of women.

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